Wholeseller of fragrances and comsetics

Operator (Seller):

OHIO Sp. z o.o.

Warsaw, Poland

VAT identification number (NIP): PL9522102885

National Registry of Court (KRS): 0000376324 

Domestic Registry of the National Economy - company ID (REGON): 142773887

Contact details

E-mail: sales@worldohio.com

Telephone: Direct phone number of an attendant is available after the registration.


Our wholesale offers a fast, simple and user-friendly ordering of perfumes and cosmetics via an online interface.

Buyer can enroll on the main page by submitting the signing in form. Buyer application will be processed by our employees. Buyer’s login details will be approved and the access to the user account will be activated.

Buying process

All goods that are offered online are available in our own stock.

After submitting the order, the buyer receives an email with the order confirmation. 

Due to the instant realization, the orders placed via the www.worldohio.com are final. There will be no possibility to change quantities of the submitted orders.

In the next step, when the order is completed and packed the buyer receives the proforma invoice.

The orders are expedited immediately after the payment of the proforma invoice is booked on the account of our company.

Tracking number of the shipment is sent via email.

The buyer receives documents for every order (final invoice and tracking list) via email.

We sell only registered for VAT

Everybody who buys the goods without VAT is obliged to fulfill a duty of VAT law. The buyer is fully responsible for the financial costs associated with an invalid VAT number.

In the case of the EXW, the buyer is obliged to transport all goods to delivery address out of Poland immediately.


All order must be fully prepaid.

The goods will be shipped immediately (usually the same day) after we receive the payment.

All invoices must be done in 1 payment (not to be divided into more payments).

Confirmation receipt of consignment

The buyer must send the scan with confirmation of the reception of every order to the email: scan@worldohio.com

Please, affix the copy of the invoice with signature, date of delivery, place, and stamp. It is obligatory for our cooperation.

Order and purchase contract

The orders submitted through the on-line wholesale interface are binding.

In order to submit a valid order, the buyer is required to fill in the prescribed details. As a place of delivery is considered the delivery address specified by the buyer.

Order cancellation

The cancellation of the order is possible until the time when the order is handed over to the delivering company.

Sales agreement

It is the buyer's sole responsibility where he sells the merchandise; the seller has no influence on this.
The buyer should verify himself whether he is entitled to sell the goods in the market where he wishes to sell.
The buyer is fully responsible and solely liable for any infringement and will indemnify the seller for any liability in this respect.

Information about photos of the products

Please note that photos are the seller is the owner of the photos of the products and does not allow the buyer to use them in any way.

Consent for collecting and archiving of personal information

The buyer gives the seller his consent to collect and archive personal data about the buyer and his purchase history.

Closing regulation

Above stated business conditions are in effect from 1.07.2016. When submitting the online order form, the buyer unconditionally accepts all regulations in the valid wording. The login details, product data, pricing lists and other documents are considered to be business information that is exclusively designated for a particular buyer and his business. It is forbidden to expose this information to a third party.